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somebody left her glasses at home...

track data

starts at 42°22'12.9"N 71°06'22.5"W
near Cambridge
length 901.0 m
duration 05m:47s
speed 9.3km/h
elevation 16m
points 43
countries United States
ends at 42°21'57.5"N 71°06'15.7"W
near Cambridgeport

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nonanet said 577 weeks ago:

fogetting... glasses.. is.. not.. funny... it is not... its.. our window.. to the ... world... (mumbles secret spell that only people who wear glasses can understand)


spanaut said 577 weeks ago:

who needs glasses when there is screen zoom?


nonanet said 576 weeks ago:

I've heard that the world contains things that you can't zoom close using a screen... :)

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