Budapest Keleti - Wien Westbahnhof

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Train ride on the "Dacia Express" (brrr...) from Budapest to Vienna. If at all possible, avoid using this train coming from Bucarest - the romanian seats carriages are old, filthy, and the waste bins are overflowing. At least, there's toilet paper.

track data

starts at 47°30'01.1"N 19°05'02.2"E
near Pest
length 270.02 km
duration 3h:23m:31s
speed 79.6km/h
elevation 142m
points 1201
countries Hungary, Austria
ends at 48°11'46.5"N 16°20'01.1"E
near Fünfhaus

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spanaut said 577 weeks ago:

sounds like a fun train ride!


nonanet said 577 weeks ago:

If you turn off the light (to hide the filthy seats), try not to touch the overflowing waste bin, have something to cover yourself (because of the ridicolous heating) and if you are tired enough after a night in Budapest it's actually ok.

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